Dialogue with Oleg Bokachov
Topic: Receiving and Giving

Why do we have so little? Because we give more than we receive. We do it out of ignorance. How do we value what we give? And how to find buyers at the right price?

We will talk about this during our meeting with Oleg Bokachov on Saturday, July 23, at 6:00 (Vienna), 7:00 (Kyiv, Moscow), 10:00 (Astana).

Our body is a measuring tool that allows us to distinguish reality not randomly, but in an orderly and understandable way for its practical use. The soul communicates directly with a particular area of ​​life or an event through an exact and specific level of the body. We will recognise, define, manifest, feel and solve everything we need using our own live tool — LiveDevice.

In these meetings, Oleg Bokachov gives the theoretical basis of the LiveDevice approach and practical advice on its application for solving any life problems. Listeners can ask any questions that they face in their daily life, if desired confidentially, and receive accurate answers in the areas of personal development, relationships and social effectiveness.

Meetings are held weekly on Saturdays.

23.07.2022 07:00 – 09:30
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LiveDevice School