Webinar with Oleg Bokachov
Topic: Between the Lines

Oleg Bokachov will be a guest expert at the “Meeting with the Author's Approach,” organised by Look Up Study. At the webinar, we will learn how to build communication correctly if we feel that a person is not sincere enough.

How to be adequate in communication and react adequately to someone even when our feeling of this person and his words contradict each other? How to properly interpret the hidden message in any communication, while remaining pleasant and friendly? How to turn any mood of a person towards us to our benefit? Should we reveal the hidden meaning of another person's attitude towards us and ours towards him, or should we leave everything as it is?

Participants will be able to ask questions on the topic of the event, as well as on personal development, relationships, and social effectiveness. Questions can be asked confidentially if desired.

Hosted in Zoom online conference. Time: 10:00 (CET), 11:00 (Kiev), 12:00 (Moscow), 15:00 (Astana).

The author's LiveDevice approach — “living instrument” — is based on the human body as a measuring scale, which allows us to perceive the reality of our existence not spontaneously but in an orderly and at the same time practical way for everyday activities. The human soul directly comes into contact with any sphere or phenomenon of life through a certain functional level of the body. With the help of this living instrument — our own body — we cognise, define, manifest, feel, and solve every desired question.

17.02.2024 10:00 – 12:00
Event organizer
Look Up Study