Signs of the Real
About the meaning and importance of the Real, which is gradually leaving our life, and without which life itself will cease to exist. About the distinctive criteria of the Real and the way it can be sensed.
Субъективные принципы избирательной кампании
Заранее зная ведущие состояния членов общества, можно выстроить избирательную кампанию в максимальном соответствии с глубинными побуждениями и мотивами целевой аудитории.
Top 12 IT trends for SCM
The current trends to enhance the integration of informational, financial and product flows throughout the whole SCM chain promise great opportunities for optimizing processes and resources. So how, among the constantly updating sets of technological solutions, does one choose those which are the highest priority and relevant to the needs of the company?
Escape from the Incubator
The potential of any human being is naturally concealed from him or her. What determines if our potential will develop fully, or partially? Will it develop in a standard way, or will it take a very personal and distinct pattern?