Signs of the Real
Oleg Bokachov 10.10.2019


The body range from the crown of the head to the pelvis is naturally divided into four parts, hierarchically showing levels of the Real:

  • Head — meaning;
  • Chest — dignity;
  • Abdomen — skills;
  • Pelvis — nature.

These features need to be perceived only through the prism of subjective sensations of your body — at its different levels, mutually projecting sensations on the product being tested and the product on the sensations of the body.

The lowest level of the Real in the human body is its essence, nature, instincts and the function of survival and reproduction, levelling him with all living creatures of the natural world. Since this level is the lowest and densest, it demonstrates nature itself, its natural “material” as a certain substance, which can be either dense — a natural wood or stone — or very delicate, such as a person’s voice. Therefore, we regard the sign of naturalness of the “material” as the basis for the real product, that is, everything that is “man-made”. This means singing can also be Real, since it has the naturalness of the sound substance.

The second level from the bottom of our body scale is the abdomen, indicating the function of a person’s mastery, his skills and ability to process or digest material. Thus, the second sign of the Real is mastery or skill in working with the material.

The third level from below is the chest, where we feel the individual self — personality. Accordingly, in the context of the discussed topic, we understand the third sign of the Real as a personal approach, when the product is tailor-made. The greater one’s dignity, the more real the product manufactured for him need to be.

The highest level of the Real in the scale of the body is the head, whose function is thinking. Therefore, the fourth sign of the Real is meaning. The more sublime the meaning which the product represents or was created for, the more real the product need to be.

Thus, we have identified four signs of the real product:

  1. Consisting of something natural — our body feels and accepts it as such;
  2. Created by man — the product requires skill or mastery of the manufacturer;
  3. Made for man — with his dignity, nature and function taken into account;
  4. Representing high meaning — the product points to it, makes one think about it.

The first sign of the Real is manifested in everything created by nature. Its fruits are intended not only for humans, but also for all creatures living in it. However, humans are the only ones who surround themselves with what helps them to perform higher functions than animals. That is why we will consider the natural level of “realness” as basic, but not sufficient for man.