LiveDevice I. Observer as the Approach Basis

The basis and main postulates of LiveDevice as an approach for the primary formation of a clear and modern worldview.

LiveDevice II. Observer in Three Realities

The three aspects of the observer — essence, soul and personality — in three sequentially manifested worlds.

LiveDevice III. Four Principles of Management

The principles of life that govern the natural environments of any system are hierarchy, centralization, decentralization, and pluralism.

LiveDevice IV. Six Human Functions

Functional roles in any project or functions of a person in any joint activity, corresponding to the soul development levels.

LiveDevice V. Twelve Functional Levels

The human body as a universal apparatus of twelve natural functions that are also present in any vertical system.

LiveDevice VI. Universal Matrix

Universal LiveDevice matrix, as a basic hierarchical set of measuring rulers, applicable to the analysis of any phenomenon or system.

LiveDevice VII. Materialism vs subjectivism

Materialism from the point of view of LiveDevice — its position in a holistic worldview system, its capabilities and limitations.