What do we want to convey? A human is essentially, a perfect being.
What prevents you from practically living your perfect essence? Impurity.
Impurity is something that is not in its place.
A place is, first, a plane of reality, which we define three.
Purification is the return of the life essences to their place.
To define the place, we use the human body as a universal system of measures. We called this approach, “LiveDevice”.
All of the aforementioned is a lifelong goal; it does not have an end date, thus becoming our mission.
— Our strategic goals —
Solving life’s objectives, problems and issues in each of the three planes of reality using the LiveDevice approach.
Constant research, clarifying the LiveDevice approach, and its implementation to present day problems of various importance.
Transfer of our experience, knowledge and technology to society’s leaders.
The initiative to create LiveDevice educational centers around the world.
Facilitation and development assistance to the producers of “The Real”.
“The Real” is what bears within itself a pure essence through a relatively pure form, which constantly purifies itself in order to express this essence stronger.