Decision Not to Take Offence

What is the root cause and mechanism of resentment? What is its effect on the person against whom it is directed? How do you stop it once and for all?

Lifelong Development

On the basis of what systemic measures, or principles, could the concepts of continuous education and lifelong personal development be built?

Good and Evil in Analytics

What is the reason for unclear, pseudo-scientific and empty analytical reports? How should the work of an analyst be structured in order to bring Good to his clients?

Energy lockdown

What should be the strategy for preparing the company for a possible energy lockdown and surviving during it?

Hierarchy of law and vaccination

What is the relationship between public and individual rights, and how, based on that, should one define and defend one's individual position?

Individual counselling technique

Description of the method for individual counselling based on the LiveDevice approach

Modern relations. Degradation or development?

What types of relationships can exist in general? How to build a long-term relationship? Does the trend to break off relations testify development or degradation of society?

Raja Yoga and LiveDevice

Raja Yoga and LiveDevice indicate the natural ascending levels of human development and should not contradict each other. We check their mutual correspondence.

Signs of the Real

About the meaning and importance of the Real, which is gradually leaving our life, and without which life itself will cease to exist. About the distinctive criteria of the Real and the way it can be sensed.

Escape from the Incubator

The potential of any individual is naturally concealed from him or her. Will our potential develop fully, or partially? Will it develop in a standard way, or will it take a very personal pattern?

Top 12 IT trends for SCM

The current trends to enhance the integration of informational, financial and product flows throughout the whole SCM chain promise great opportunities. How to choose those with the highest priority?