Individual counselling technique
Oleg Bokachov 24.07.2020


The Reality Matrices method is based on the LiveDevice approach and is applicable for individual counselling on issues of personal life, business and creative activity of a person. It takes into account all aspects of our existence in its entirety and goes beyond one single life, allowing us to effectively solve issues, including those of a karmic nature.

The task of the consultant is to carefully guide the client through a set of pre-formulated questions, make diagnoses of the client's current situation in all three spheres of life — thinking, sensory-emotional perception and the objective reality of actions — and help him into another, more resourceful state.

When answering questions, the client is encouraged to listen to his subtle subjective sensations.

Thus, when receiving advice, he is free from the need to rely on someone else's, even if expert, opinion. If desired, the client can refrain from formulating his question out loud — when answering the questions of the initial interview his sensations themselves will indicate the level of his problem and the way to solve it. The consultation makes it possible to make a independent choice and find the most optimal and strong solution among the opportunities that life provides to a person in his current situation.

The technique is based on a combination of systematic knowledge about functional levels of life that are common for any of us with subjective perception of energy flows at these levels. It is fundamentally different from standardized multi-question tests that detect trends statistically.

The Reality Matrices method is recommended for use by business consultants, interpersonal and family consultants, psychologists, healthcare professionals, coaches of personal growth and similar professionals.



The LiveDevice approach, which forms the basis of the Reality Matrices method, combines researcher’s subjective experience with system analysis and allows to obtain accurate knowledge through subtle bodily sensations. In it, the researcher's own body is used as a universal system containing natural measures applicable to the analysis of any issue or phenomenon. The direct perception experience is combined in the approach with the knowledge of principles of all three realities, or spheres, of human existence — the abstract reality of thinking, the denser reality of emotional-sensory sensations and the objective reality of actions.

Unlike animals, whose body is elongated along the ground, the human body system is directed vertically upwards and can be subdivided into hierarchically arranged segments. Within the approach, any number of segments can be distinguished, but the most practical and easy to double-check by any of us is the division of the body into twelve levels, each of those has its own special function and is physiologically separated from its neighbors:

  1. Crown of the head;
  2. Face;
  3. Throat;
  4. Chest;
  5. Solar plexus;
  6. Waist;
  7. Abdomen;
  8. Pelvis;
  9. Thighs;
  10. Knees;
  11. Shanks;
  12. Feet.

Unlike animals, a human being is able to sense, feel and live his entire life consciously, perceiving himself separately or independently of his own body. This means that he can relate to his own body as a working tool for knowing life and himself as an incorporeal spirit or subject. In addition, we can ascertain the differences in the levels of our body not only in form and functions, but also in their state, and without unnecessary speculation, directly by sensations distinguish which function in the body, at what level and in what state is at the moment.

Thus, we can use our body as a tool for learning and finding answers and solutions to challenges of life. This is the basis of the Reality Matrices method of individual counselling.

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