How we can help
We provide guidance on issues of personal development, life purpose, building relationships and understanding the world order.
Defining of life purpose and capabilities
Creativity and starting own business
Personal and professional relationships
Life management, setting and performing tasks
Evolution and spiritual growth
Continuation of Rod
Producers and entrepreneurs
We help to establish relationships with partners, within the company and family to increase efficiency.
Maintenance, growth and continuity
Effective management based on unity of command
Crisis resolution and development strategies
Personal responsibility and finding loyal people
Product purification and strengthening
Search for new growth directions
Leaders and directors
We accompany our customers in building the structure, demonstrate the principles of developing relationships and consult regarding human psychology.
Assistance in establishing the mission and developing the strategy
Building the structure of ownership and management
Principles of management based on unity of command
Forecasting new trends
Crisis initiation, prevention and management
Determining “windows of opportunities” taking into account life stages
Scientists and analysts
We share our systematization approach and analysis tools.
Scientific approach: objective and subjective
Universal principles of building systems
Fractality in system analysis
Objective and subjective diagnosis methods and evaluation tools
Optimal problem solving
Individual Solution

An individual solution is a targeted concept developed at a customer’s request and based on the problem they formulated.

In cases where the correct formulation of a customer’s request happens to constitute a separate task, it may become a separate solution or an essential first step in providing the general Solution.

Solution development is funded by a grant from the customer, which is provided prior to the start of the development. The minimum necessary amount of financing is determined individually.

The Solution is based upon analytical and research work that brings clarity to the customer’s request and reveals the true state of affairs without the need to embellish the result. This is a scientific development, rather than a service, the purpose of which would be the customer’s full agreement with the produced results. Consequently, regardless of the customer’s emotional attitude to the research results, the Institute retains the full amount of the grant.

The solution will show:
  • causes of the problem;
  • the mechanics of the problem’s origin;
  • the solution itself;
  • recommended actions for its implementation;
  • justification of the solution’s optimality.
The solution is effective for:
  • identifying new meanings and relationships between them;
  • specifying goals and developing strategies for their achievement;
  • finding optimal solutions to problems;
  • forecasting the trends and consequences of particular choices.