What is the meaning of the approach and its connection with the Higher sense?
To help a person navigate in life and make optimal decisions through the means Nature has endowed him or her with. Our body is a perfect tool for cognition and the development of necessary skills, revealing our path through all facets of our life, all the way to the Highest.
How do we see the development and implementation of the approach?
LiveDevice begins through experiencing the main Essence of a person, manifested at each level of the body through corresponding functions. It is developed through the construction and accumulation of complementary measuring lines, each describing a multiplicity of phenomena of one kind. As a result, a person discovers the diversity of life and better understands its laws.
Why is the wording accuracy and etymology of concepts important?
As a scientific approach, LiveDevice helps us to be precise in the meaning of each concept within the system of other concepts and their differentiation. The true meaning and interrelations of words are preserved in its roots, so knowledge of etymology makes it possible to refer back to this original meaning.
Who is the approach oriented to?
The LiveDevice approach since it is used to build universal measurement systems, revealing a place of any phenomenon in a particular system of life, is intended for scientists and analysts. In the form of ready-made solutions, it is intended for leaders, business people and anyone interested in understanding the meaning and method of individual and business development.
What is the ultimate goal of the approach?
The LiveDevice approach is intended to embed the Observer in the world view as the core element and thus, to put at the service of knowledge other scientific approaches, from the subjective to the materialistic, seeking to be cleansed of the Observer’s presence in understanding life processes.
What is necessary to successfully master and implement the approach?
We already have everything we need — our body. All we need is the skill of using it and trust our own feelings. The LiveDevice School and practicing experts teach various methods and techniques for using the approach to solve problems in all areas of life.
What is required for conducting research and looking for solutions?
Our Institute is open to collaboration on finding solutions in all new fields. The search for a solution and the subsequent use of analytical tools does not require anything other than rational thought and the ability to perceive subtle physical phenomena.
What is the process to develop new topics and areas?
Our approach is based on experiencing prime and complementary causes as well as the knowledge of a universal system of measures. This gives us the opportunity to apply it to any area we are not yet familiar with. We are constantly looking for what we still do not know, and we are glad to make this the subject of our research.
What are your specific products that can be useful for society?
Our approach is a good tool for any person in the unfoldment of their own potential and the ability to perceive their own guiding principles of development. For society as a whole, it could serve as a basis of numerous methodologies and systems for organizing any field of science, education, business or social life.
How is the approach consistent with modern science and social perceptions?
Our approach does not appeal to science as the establishment’s official system, but to individual researchers who are engaged in pure science, not following obsolete standards, but rather setting those standards, as a result bringing humanity closer to Truth.
Is the interaction with other approaches possible?
Our approach reveals the place of any other cognitive approaches within the boundaries of their function. For instance, the materialistic approach is quite applicable to collecting statistical data and analyzing them through certain parameters, which are defined by higher functional approaches, i.e. approaches that include the Subject himself.
Is there a field where the approach is not applicable?
The LiveDevice approach is effective in those phenomena which a person experiences through their senses, including their subtler aspects. Everything that is beyond our natural ability to perceive can be learned with the help of LiveDevice, not in details, but approximately. This allows the opportunity to account for all factors which hinder human development and temper the individual.