Essence of approach
Problems addressed
  • Lack of a unified worldview basis which explains and organizes all spheres of life and activity
  • Growth in the number and complexity of problems
  • Aggravation of contradictions, an increase in crises, and essential paradigm shifts
  • Imbalance increase in all systems having relation to human activity
  • Technocratization and degradation of society, destruction of culture and traditions

Life demonstrates the principle of fractality — the similarity of the particular to the whole, and the whole to the particular. Any system — family, company, country or Solar system — is built on the basis of universal principles. Knowing them opens for the individual the path to Omniscience.

Everything created by man is only a copy of natural processes, but not everything natural can be repeated in matter and become manifest. There are subtle layers of life, and a single foundation for the understanding of the universe can only be found in a natural world. Here, the “Knower” is primary, and Nature is the living, mutable system that is studied. To explore it, one needs to go beyond a materialistic worldview.

Universal tool

The exact measures and the resulting natural hierarchy of principles is an essential condition for the search for truth. A perfect system of measures for us — our own body — is a universal tool for identifying and structuring the phenomena of life.

Knowledge of the universal principles of systems and attention to subtle physical phenomena is an approach to understanding the world order and ability to solve any problem. Scientists used this approach for thousands of years to gain knowledge, without the need for complicated instruments and tools. We have made this approach available again and named it LiveDevice.

LiveDevice© Theory
  • Man is the Observer inside the body.
  • The body is the only means by which the Observer perceives the external environment and influences it.
  • If there is a phenomena or object from the external world that is within the range of the Observer’s perception, there is always the ability within his body to perceive and influence it.
  • Any query of the Observer corresponds to the level and tools within his body, optimal for determining a solution.
  • The approach requires an understanding of the fundamental levels of the body and experience of the relevant processes on each of them.