Modern relations. Degradation or development?
Oleg Bokachov 14.07.2020


The LD-1 scale shows the essence of the explored question — what exactly we are going to analyze using IM-LD. Accordingly, the entire Matrix manifests its connection both with the life of a person, who act as a vehicle for twelve human functions, and with his higher self.

The subsequent columns denote entities that reveal and comment on the object of study.


The LD-2 scale shows the upper and the lower ranges of life, governed by two suprahuman principles, those interaction gives rise to life in all its diversity, represented by the Matrix.

Taking as a measure the natural arrangement of the body of a living creature in space and distinguishing between the upper and lower parts of it, we find that the ideal — reference, or mensural — relationships of humans are built vertically, or hierarchically, and in males and females of animals horizontally, or centralized. In animals we take the center of their bodies either as the front part of it — in higher animals (mammals), — or the back —  in lower animals (insects).

We claim that the human body, being strictly vertical, is a measuring system of hierarchical functions arranged according to the levels of the body. Hierarchy naturally presupposes that some levels are higher than the others. This itself obliges us to place two principles in the same way, one above and another one below.

There can only be two options for such an arrangement — either the Masculine principle is positioned higher than the Feminine, or the Feminine prevails over the Masculine. They can never be equal.

The basis of our worldview is the axiom about the Primacy of the source of Light as the reason for the observer’s existence and consciousness in the vast space inhabited by other observers — other human beings. Therefore, for the purposes of this study we place the Masculine principle as a phenomena fractally corresponding to the Light, above the Feminine.

Dividing the LD-2 scale in two does not imply the absence of the Feminine principle in its upper part, as well as the absence of the Masculine principle in the lower part. It only shows the reign range of each of them, while both principles permeate and are present throughout the whole IM-LD. The relationship between a man and a woman in the upper part is patriarchal, since the man leads in them. In the lower part it is matriarchal because in this part the woman prevails.


The LD-3 scale divides the whole range of life into three realities that an individual can easily perceive as the spheres of his existence experienced by him in his daily life: the sphere of essences and thoughts (let's call it “higher reality”); the sphere of emotions and sensations (“internal reality); the sphere of other individuals and objects surrounding him (“outer reality”).

With the words Essence, Power and Form, we designated not only the essences that fill the given reality, but also the individual himself in his three aspects, indicating that in the higher reality he is the essence, in the inner — the power, in the outer — the form.

Knowing the qualities of the phenomena attributed to each cell, the meaning of the levels and the relationship between them within one column as well as the entire IM-LD, we will further describe the cases and tendencies, make assumptions, analyze them and draw the appropriate conclusions.

Comparison of the LD-2 and LD-3 scales shows that individuals who, for some reason, perceive their life through the prism of the higher reality, honor the Masculine principle and therefore tend to patriarchy, and those who perceive the life through the prism of outer reality comply with the Feminine principle and are inclined to matriarchy.

As for those who perceive their life through the prism of the inner reality, the type of their relationship depends on who is stronger in the couple — a man or a woman.

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