Modern relations. Degradation or development?
Oleg Bokachov 14.07.2020

The fact that the goal achievement function belongs to the Masculine principle, and the function of proliferation — to the Feminine (see the upper and lower functions opposite the POWER domain within LD-12) is indicative of the general trend. However it does not necessarily mean that a man cannot be stronger than a woman in production, or a woman — stronger than a man in achieving goals. For a couple focused on life in their inner reality, it is important to know that the strongest takes the leading role in the relationship. Wherein it is secondary who of them is engaged in achieving the goal, and who is producing the product. In case the natural order is inverted, i.e. the woman is stronger in goal achievement than the man, the man will be her passive helper, who is engaged in production of something insignificant and constantly faces problems that he finds difficult to solve without the active participation of his wife.

Moreover, these two columns show that if the man leads the woman, he will be more concerned with bringing the relationship in accordance with the Essence and Power, but if the relationship is led by the woman, she will be more concerned about conformity with Power and Form. Power is important for both of them, but for the woman it is the power of proliferation, for the man — the power of achievement.

The Essence gives us the opportunity to understand why, in a global sense, a relationship between a man and a woman is necessary. (Another name for the highest essence for an individual is Rod).

The Power in a man's relationship with a woman is their internal experience of their interaction, similar to what happens between the plus and minus of a magnet. It is the entirety of the natural powers and their interplay, where the law of the strongest reigns: might makes right. If the willpower, acting at the level of the solar plexus, prevails then the individual achieves his goal, that is characteristic of the Masculine principle as the representative of Light. If the instincts that act at the level of the pelvis center dominate (the uterus in women and the prostate gland as a rudimentary uterus in men), an individual obtains objects of bodily desires, that is characteristic of the Feminine principle as the representative of Darkness.

The Form makes it possible to receive feedback from the environment that the man and the woman as a family are doing everything right, and the environment supports them in their choice of each other. There are certain unspoken but definite forms of relations present in society, and in order to be accepted by it, an individual will have to bring his or her behavior to a generally accepted or acceptable social format.


Dividing the range of life into four segments reveals four natural environments, or media, that are present in any space we live in and are distributed hierarchically from top to bottom: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Each of them carries a certain value, which an individual cannot do without and which he also manifests through himself: Air carries senses; Fire — goals; Water — products; Earth — resources. Every individual needs all of them to one degree or another. But, if an individual were asked which of these four he would choose and prefer over others, or which one he needs more than the rest, he would discover the value that is most essential for him. Someone needs the sense and cannot go without it, as without air. The other cannot live without a goal as without fire. The third one requires his product, as water in the desert. The fourth one can not live without material resources, like the ground under his feet.

In accordance with their attraction to one or another specific life value, people meet each other for long-term relationships.

Given the values ​​of the LD-3 scale, we see that if the man is prevailing in a couple, he will tend to rely on his ability to set and achieve goals. If the woman is stronger, she will tend to rely on her ability to produce a product, since the function of procreation is naturally built into her. In childless relationships, the creative process of producing any other product can become a substitute for childbearing, and it is often the woman who is the leading one here.

The experience of natural human sensations reveals the following motion patterns of the environments: the Earth presses downwards; the Water also tends down and slightly to the sides; the Fire generally on the sides and upwards; the Air goes straight up.

In fact, the two upper media are directed predominantly upward, the two lower ones — downward. As a result, the sense and goal — the two upper environmental values ​​that unite a man and a woman — with the course of time lead to fulfilment, organization, streamlining, unification and development of these relations, and the two lower ones — a product and a resource — to devastation, disorganization, disorder, decay and degradation.

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