Modern relations. Degradation or development?
Oleg Bokachov 14.07.2020


Based on the obtained results, we can now answer the questions formulated at the beginning of the article:

Despite the fact that in most cases, modern relationships begin in the inner reality of individuals, their motivation is not the power of man's aspiration for the goal and his natural need for support from his woman. Instead it is his sexual attraction to her, as she in turn is led by the feminine disposition for multiplying either children, products or material resources.

Modern society, like most modern families, is governed by the principle of pluralism, usually called the principle of equality, implying that the participants in a relationship are mutually obeying each other. At the same time, none of them takes on the function of the leader — each has his or her own activities, having agreed with a partner on the joint use of all accumulated material resources and property.

Therefore, we conclude that in the modern society, as in most married couples, there is a tendency to degradation of relations. If the family or the community around it does not come under the control of a higher principle and does not strive to engage in interactions or ally with others based on a value higher than the accumulation of material resources, this will naturally lead to the further disintegration of relations.

The constant increase in the number of divorces noted by statistics only indicates and confirms this increasing trend to degradation.

In order to stop our own degradation and cultivate tendencies of development in relationships, we should constantly make efforts to keep our attention on a governing principle that is higher than pluralism (equality), better even — on the principle of centralization. We also need to honor the main value corresponding to the principle that unites an individual with other people, including his or her relationships with the opposite sex, and try to live up to the unifying value of an even higher order.

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