• Glossary
Centralisation is the principle of supreme rule, where the ruler — the leader — initiates the reaching of a target or the realization of a project. Our body is supremely ruled by our personality; we supremely rule our automobile; the whole natural world lives by this principle, where everything is oriented towards a power greater than its own, taking into consideration the presence of this power and being subordinated to it. On the one hand, centralisation means the centrifugal force — from the centre to the periphery — carrying hot living currents of homogenous power that establishes the leader’s right. On the other hand, centralisation is the centripetal force — from the periphery to the centre — carrying cool diverse living currents that nourish and give strength, density and solidity. The principle of decentralisation, equality and equal rights is the opposite to the principle of centralisation and occupies a lower position hierarchically because it mainly refers to the external social reality. Unlike decentralisation, the principle of centralisation rules in the natural reality, which contains our internal reality, according to the LiveDevice system of measures of the human body.
Cognition is a process of a subject realizing the following three things: his own existence, the higher Source of existence and the surrounding world with its laws and patterns. Cognition occurs in two ways — principal and sensory. The principal way means gaining knowledge through experiencing the essence and the corresponding form, as well as the logical connection between all the existing phenomena using a universal system of measurement. Sensory experiences can test and confirm everything obtained through principal understanding, without separating it from real life, meanwhile finding all that is being experienced sensually a place in the universal system of measures and viewing of the world.
A creature is “the essence incarnated” in natural dense bodies: Fire – a hot density, Water — a liquid density or Earth — a solid density.
The root “cult-” in the word culture means worshipping the Supreme, “-ultra” — “super”, Ra — Light. Thus, everything in this concept points to something above, luminous, and always worth worshiping so it could be amassed. Also known is the concept of cultivating, meaning “to cultivate” or “to develop”. Culture is directed at what is considered the Source of the meaning of life — Truth. What one regards as the highest determines the level of his culture. Money, in the range of all possible meanings, is the lowest among all levels, providing its admirers with the lowest level of Culture.