• Glossary
The concept of the Head is adequate only in centralized or hierarchical structures of people. When the Head is singled out in a relationship, the rest are naturally allotted the role of the body of the organization. Together, the Head and the body constitute a highly developed organism, striving for verticalization and upward growth. If, in a relationship or an organization, the necessity for the Head is not accepted, such a structure becomes horizontal, tends to take the form of a circle of equal people and expands horizontally, but does not develop higher human functions. In such a structure, nevertheless, quite often, the head can still be singled out, but his management is undisclosed and manipulative, without informed consent of all members of the circle. Man represents an example of a higher, or headed, structure; Amoeba is an example of a lower one, where absorption of food, among all the head’s functions, is the only one present and can be performed by any point of the body.
Heritage is a trace of a human life, something passed down by the predecessor to their heir. This can be the person’s objects, home, manufacturing, mastery with all its secrets, or a circle of faithful people, like a family, which the heir becomes head of, instead of the deceased one, who has now joined the ancestors. The predecessor could also leave behind some knowledge which helped him or other people to live in the right way, develop and be successful. Thus, heritage can have a varying degree of importance to those who hand it over and those who receive it: heirs, successors and followers. Heritage is intended to lead the successors in the right direction, not depriving them of their individual qualities, potential and aims, but giving these a higher meaning and showing how they can be used to contribute to the power of the Rod — the original and higher ancestor. That is why heritage can be the highest gift from ancestors or a gift from the Highest ancestor himself, given to the successor or follower in order for him to leave upon that trace his own, adding his individual quality, power, mastery, and knowledge collected throughout his life. Every next successor, upon becoming a predecessor, passes down his most cherished possessions, which, if they continue to be passed down in generations, become very powerful and valuable, helping both and ancestors, when they are reborn in their Rod, and the descendants.
A hierarchy is the source of order in a system — a superior element. It is derived from the Latin word meaning “the power of priests” or “sacrifice” since “hieros” (“hero”) means “a sacrifice” or “a saint”. “Archy” means “the beginning”, “power”, “domination”. Consequently, “hierarchy” means “the power of the one who, himself, is the sacrifice to the Higher”. Only the one who consciously becomes a sacrifice to the Superior can accept sacrifices — this is how hierarchy is manifested.